Stainmaster carpet, the best for showing stains!

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We bought premium Stainmaster carpet from Home Depot in Woodland, California.We picked a dense carpet near the top of the price line.

The carpet is absolutely worthless, and within several months showed more stains than the carpet it replaced had shown in 15 years! Common dirt gets ground in and causes stains. Stain removers which worked well on our old carpet don't work on it. Don't buy this's terrible!

$5,000 down the drain. Perhaps they call it "Stainmaster" because it stains so easily!

I think they should remove their product or rename it "Staineasy" carpet.

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Vancouver, Washington, United States #1345254

We spent $5,000 at Lowe's buying the more expensive premium Stainmaster Carpet brand because we have three pets and we fell for their advertised superior stain fighting material that RESISTS stains, including pet stains.We have two cats and a dog.

We were excited to buy off white carpeting because of the company's impressive stain resistant / fighting claims. What a disaster!

The first spill...ORANGE JUICE permanently stained the carpeting. Within the first month we saw the company's claims were completely fraudulent but we were over a barrel because the limited warranty requires professional treatment on all spots normal cleaning doesn't remove, annual carpet stretching, etc.

Anyone who has animals knows these warranty requirements are unreasonable if they have active pets and kids in the house.

Someone needs to file a class action lawsuit for fraud.Our carpeting was anything but stain resistant.


we recently purchased Stain Master carpeting from Lowes and are very pleased

with it.Cat barfed on it, we cleaned it up and there is no evidence of it.


we had a dining room full of company & carpet looks as good as if no one had

been there.

Previous carpeting showed the smallest amount of soil with just a little traffic.

spent a fortune getting it cleaned regularly.


I totally agree!

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